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So, I gad my first request from one of my neighbours a family of four, to take them to Gatwick this morning. I was a little nervous after a very frosty night the ol’ 18 year old Fairway wouldn’t start but she didn’t let me down. ‘Tis a 28 mile schlep from Camberwell but we did it in a tidy hour and she was able to keep up with the flow of traffic on the M23 too.

I was even back in time to run my delightful housemate Sophia down to Vauxhall, her debut in my cab and she was looking most elegant in a new Ted Baker skirt she picked up in the sales. Might have to have a look at the Baker chaps’ website although I’ve done quite a bit of clothes shopping recently. Having just turned 49, I’m overhauling my wardrobe gradually now that I’m (a little) wealthier! Bloody moths chomped about 10 items of fine knitwear…fortunately Uniqlo rather than Smedley.

‘Tis another beautiful sunny blue skied day in London, which is unusual. Ireland vs. France in rugby tonight so I may go out to work after. Life is almost too rich. Now I wonder how I can get people to read my blog? Ah…Facebook mightn’t be a bad start I reckon.


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