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I love food, but for a long time I’ve been harbouring the thought that preparing meals is all too much bother! What with first finding a recipe, then sourcing the ingredients and finally prepping and cooking the meal which often takes 10 minutes to eat and several hours to prepare. Well I decided to drop this thought and I’m on a quest to find a bunch of simple and delicious recipes that you can easily prepare and spend as much time eating as you have in the cooking of them.

My first dish I’ve named “Jazz Clap Goop” and is my template for simple and delicious. It is inspired from a pesto recipe but is much tastier.

The name is key to remembering all the ingredients, which you just blitz with what they call a hand or stick blender. You can pretty much intuit the quantities, just be careful not to use too much lemon juice.

Jazz = Juice & Zest of lemon
Clap = Capers Lemon Anchovies (fresh are better) and Pine Nuts
Goop = Garlic Olives Olive Oil and Parsley

Cook the pasta al dente with a drop of oil and a hint of salt then add the sauce. I don’t drain my pasta thoroughly as the little hot water helps with the coating of the sauce. Finish off with a little parsley and a few more pine nuts to garnish.

A recent survey in the US proved that poor people who cook their own food have a better diet then wealthy people who don’t. Watch this video to discover more interesting thoughts about food – including revealing facts about McDonald’s – which will have you practically sprinting to your cooker!

Finally – I’m offering as a prize a brand new 600W hand blender with a three year warranty for the best submission of three simple and delicious recipes. Just post your recipes below in the Comments box.