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Scrabble Beyond The Parlour

I've been playing competitive Scrabble for almost 25 years now, and I often meet people who say "I'm really good at Scrabble". I ask them one simple question "Do you know all your twos?" And invariably I get a glazed…
November 21, 2014

Jazz Clap Goop

I love food, but for a long time I've been harbouring the thought that preparing meals is all too much bother! What with first finding a recipe, then sourcing the ingredients and finally prepping and cooking the meal which often…
November 17, 2014

Boys and their toys

There's a saying "You're never too old to have a happy childhood", and maybe it was a combination of hearing this, and my partner Claire introducing me to her vast cuddly toy collection from childhood that prompted me recently to…
July 17, 2012

The Hoffer Project

My dear mother Rose used  say " Your health is your wealth", and as I've gotten older I've come to appreciate the wisdom in it. On the 3rd of January 2013 I'll be the ripe age of fifty, and I…
June 26, 2012

Crap Job? Great Job!

I picked up two mid-twenties lassies, one French, the other Polish, on their way to booze in Shoreditch. They were chatty but a bit melancholic - one of them was complaining of a crap job (sales assistant in French Connection)…
May 15, 2012

Rough Luxe, King’s Cross

On returning from a Mother's Day outing to Luton, myself and Claire (my editor in chief) stumbled upon a small hotel - Rough Luxe - on Birkenhead Street opposite King's Cross station. The name caught my attention and as we…
March 26, 2012
Keys in the bowl...

Orsett Eh…Sex

Having just dropped out two young women at Tramps nightclub at 12.30am in Jermyn Street, a man with two women hailed me and asked me would I take them to Orsett just beyond Basildon in Essex. They were all probably…
March 13, 2012

Don’t I know you?

I'd been wondering if and when I might get hailed by someone I know. Well yesterday having just swapped my taxi over due to local hooligans breaking into my ol’ Fairway to nick the radio, as I was driving towards…
February 21, 2012

Fine Italian dining in Bermondsey

Our second visit to Zucca, at the lower end of Bermondsey Street, proved even more satisfying than the first. Myself and Claire my delightful partner decided a Valentines’ lunch and a nice walk after in Dulwich Park was a grand…
February 15, 2012

My first Buddha

I had the privilege of driving Shaun de Warren  yesterday. Shaun has been hosting The Prosperity Club in the Remembrance Hall on Flood St in Chelsea for many years. The group is usually made up of all ages and types,…
February 14, 2012

First Airport Job

So, I gad my first request from one of my neighbours a family of four, to take them to Gatwick this morning. I was a little nervous after a very frosty night the ol’ 18 year old Fairway wouldn’t start…
February 11, 2012

And some neighbours not so delighted…

On talking with one of my neighbours about erecting a wooden fence between their garden and mine, which is currently a little open plan, she mentioned that my engine had disturbed her late last night. I’m still getting the feel…
February 11, 2012

Finally I’m a cabbie. Wahooooooo!

Yesterday, the 7th of Feb 2012, I was presented with my green and brass badge, which I’ve been working towards for two years and nine months. They call it The Knowledge, which is the study of London in depth within…
February 8, 2012